Valentine’s Day in Borough Market

Dear London:

I think I love you.

No, really, I think we have something very serious here.

I’m the first to admit that, in previous years, I’ve let being single mix with Valentine’s Day for a sometimes toxic cocktail barely remedied by watching The Way We Were or stopping Breakfast At Tiffany’s at the point when Audrey Hepburn lets the cat out of the taxi.

But this year…. Well, this year is really something special, London. There are line-ups in the bakeries for people to buy each other chocolates and treats, and bouquets of roses all over the Borough Market. There are men looking vaguely harried (assumedly picking up Valentine’s Day gifts while on lunch break) even as they politely hold open doors for fellow customers. One could note it’s almost corny to be able to mark the passage of holidays by what’s on sale in market stalls, but I would not note this. Instead, I’m embracing the day — largely from a desk in my room while writing the third of three papers due this week — and loving that I live in a place where everything bustles, and there is always coffee around the corner, where there is almost always something fun to see and look at.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



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