one of my favourite London walks

Tower Bridge is perhaps a 20-minute walk* from where I’m living now, but to see it from this angle is a bit further east along the Thames, into a former warehouse district that’s home to chic condos and All Bar One-ish restaurants.

Settling into fall here, it’s still sort of unbelievable I get to live so close to all this.


*Everyone who knows me knows I think everything is a “20 minute walk,” so I may not entirely stand by the accuracy of this estimate. Suffice to say it feels like a 20-minute walk, which means it feels like no time at all has really passed.


3 Responses to “one of my favourite London walks”

  1. oh yes, I always joke to Jan that if he ever wins the lottery, I wouldn’t be upset if he bought me one of the condo’s at those wharfs there. Dreaming doesn’t hurt right?

  2. Dreaming never hurts! But be aware that if you win the lottery and move into one of these condos, I will be a completely unwelcome guest pretty much all the time 🙂

  3. you’d be welcome !

    you’re welcome for a visit in Belgium too…don’t forget

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