back in the day….

On its face, posting this picture is a total cheat. Taken over 10 years ago (cough), this is Mare and Cara by the Rideau River one day when we were in first year. It’s one of my all-time favourite pictures — I hope they don’t mind me posting it! — and one of those framed photos I’m sad to be apart from. Sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten what I’ve packed away to store for the year, but I miss my framed pictures and paintings. And my books. As well, my queen-sized bed.

Anyway 🙂 Being back at university, back in crowded lecture halls and back in the library and back in residence, I find myself thinking a great deal about the last time I went to school. In those days, we walked uphill both ways…. No, seriously, though, the internet was so slow then! Much harder to get drawn into surfing the web rather than doing readings!

It’s lovely to talk to people about international politics again, and scary/fun to wander into situations I’ve not dealt with in years. But yes, I do find myself missing my friends in Canada.


One Response to “back in the day….”

  1. It’s normal to miss your Canadian friends. You’ll get some waves of homesickness…but then when you’re back, you’ll miss London.

    Always welcome to hop over to Belgium!!!!!

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