I found canned pumpkin today.

Yes, I know. You were all very concerned I would have to lower my pumpkin pie standards by using butternut squash…. Because, apparently, in adopting a never-before-seen obsession with pumpkin pie, I have also adopted a never-before-realized standard of what should and should not be in a gourd-based brown sugar pie….

Big thanks to Sheelah, who’s a better online researcher than I. Right off Covent Garden, on Maiden Lane, there is a specialty Canadian/Australian/New Zealand import store. As you can see from this picture, they carry all sorts of Canadian things you never even thought of as particularly Canadian. Like Lady Speedstick. As well, they carry stuff you obviously think of as Canadian, like Tim Hortons coffee. They also have a wall of Lonely Planet guides, and I saw a Vogue Living magazine. I’m disappointed, however, to report they do not have American Vogue magazine. Sad, because British Vogue is just not the same at all.

Ahem. All this to say: I bought two cans of pumpkin today. Pumpkin-pie baking to commence at some point in the next week. Will keep you posted, of course 🙂


2 Responses to “pumpkin!”

  1. And I notice the REAL peanut butter… the only remaining question: do they carry cinnamon-flavoured chewing gum? (The one thing I’ve always sorely missed in Europe).

  2. ah yes I know that store! what’s special about that Lady Speed stick I wonder?

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