thank you, thank you

I got something in the mail today that literally brought tears to my eyes — something I plan to turn to whenever I get lonely in the months ahead.

Thank you Shannon, for understanding so well my loves of the Habs, Dan Mangan, poutine, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, pictures of myself, and notes from friends.

To everyone else involved, thank you for being involved. Thank you for the  pictures, the Save Chad Kroeger T (finally!), excerpts from both Shakespeare and Craigslist, the knowledge others also have the “Mary Tyler Whore” picture even though it was taken before Facebook…. Most especially, thank you for the good times and the good advice.

Yes, this note is ridiculously premature. When it’s time to say proper goodbyes, however, I’m not at all sure I’ll be able to manage it 🙂


One Response to “thank you, thank you”

  1. Haha, oh yeah, I have a copy of that picture now. I’ve been barely avoiding mentioning it for like a month now.

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