“the world is but a jest”

By taudette

June 24, 2010

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I can never make out the rules for taking pictures during a performance. Is it ok to snap a quick shot when performers are on stage, so long as you don’t use your flash?

Eh… Because I couldn’t come to terms with a proper decision, I offer you a photo of an empty, curtained stage, and seats left vacant during intermission.

Tonight we went to Falstaff, performed by students of Opera NUOVA — it was absolutely delightful, and hilarious and colourful and lovely.

As you can see from this photo.


One Response to ““the world is but a jest””

  1. I have come to the conclusion after checking out your Blog that you, Tricia Audette Longo, are absolutely delightful, hilarious, colourful and Lovely. I am so happy to see and read that adulthood never robbed you of all the wonder you see in the world. You are something else Kiddo. This has been a blast so far.
    Love and Peace

    Aunty Pam

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